Key partnerships

Helping our partners to Build and Grow

Fintech Start-Ups

Got the next unicorn Fintech product in mind? Build your dream product by using our market leading technology stack / eco-system to get to market faster, cheaper and with less coding.

Businesses Going Fintech

Thinking of going digital but you do not have the skills or budget to execute your vision? We can help. Our revolutionary technology and our approach to how we do business, dramatically reduces the upfront cost and time needed to launch your very own financial services products or even very own digital Bank!

Fintech Investors

Looking to invest in the next fintech start-up? We help entrepreneurs realize their vision by co-developing their products on our revolutionary technology ecosystem. Get a glimpse of how our system works.


Build your own

We provide FinTech investors and start-ups access to our revolutionary banking grade technology, allowing you to build your next-generation financial services offering with minimal upfront capital investment and a reduced time to market, guaranteed! 

  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Finance-as-a-Service (FaaS – white-label solutions)
    • Payment Gateway
    • Lay-by
  • Insurance-as-a-Service (IaaS)


Buy & Sell Your Financial Products

Connecting Alliance providers with alliance operators and capital partners and markets to expand existing product sets and create new product sets and increase market penetration.


Instead of passing through one central computer or verification control, the validation and verification of a transaction is done by the blockchain network.

Integrated Fintech

More and more businesses are looking to integrate fintech solutions into their product and services offerings requiring robust APIs and SDKs.


For the most vulnerable and poorest in society who need the sort of support that mainstream banking just can’t provide.

Market-focused not IT-focused

Lo-/no-code technology means that product and market specialists can build finance products and services without development skills.



Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop product design, workflow and validation tools provide a visual interface for product developers and designers.

Fluid Interface

A fluid user interface is updated to reflect product and workflow changes without coding – allowing product testing to begin as soon as design has finished.

Modular Design

A highly-abstracted modular design allows established players to integrate with the platform at the level best suited to their existing systems and resource capabilities.


Services Offered by Enablr

Banking as a Platform

Includes General ledger, Interest, Accounts, Lending, Fees & charges, Compliance, Customer, Forex, and Trading Interfaces

Software as a Service

White label for partner branding, Multi-tenant / multi-level structures, Alliance banking, Agency banking, Segmented costing, Business rules, Compliance sub-system, Customer sub-system and Forex sub-system.

Alliance Extension

Specific products can be made available with individual pricing for each channel and layer, Commissions set right down to individual agent and Claw-back rules applied to reduce exposure.

Compliance and Risk

Offers organisations services in order to ensure FICA compliance and to fulfil general statutory governance requirements including Document collection, Automation and Verification.

Featured Product

Payment Gateway

Xpress is an online payment gateway for both customers and merchants. It is an easy automated EFT solution that can be done in just a few seconds, while staying 100% secure. Merchants can initiate payments with Xpress through a variety of payment platforms such as SMS, eCommerce, eBilling or QR Code. Their customers’ experience are enhanced as payment process is quick and easy to use thus saving them time to process a transaction.

  • Your trusted brand is now the focal point around payments, and further personalised by linking your marketing initiatives, rewards & loyalty programs, branding debit cards etc.
  • Safe, cost-effective white-labeled EFT payment platform.
  • Understand more of your own clients spending behaviours, because you’ll now own all your customer data

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